Sprinkler Install & Repair El Paso

A functioning sprinkler is critical to the health and preservation of your landscape. It’s vital for any lawn irrigation system to ensure that the sprinklers are working properly following the right time schedule. For that, the sprinkler is in a good shape to secure the investment you have made for the landscape in your property. 

A clogged sprinkler can be a super annoying thing to deal with. It can deteriorate the overall condition of the lawn and hamper the maintenance process. We have a highly trained group of technicians at Handy Landscaping who will take care of all the assistance you need for the sprinkler system. 

We provide both installation and repair facilities as per the client’s requirement. Our team has an in-depth knowledge of both the repair and installation process of the sprinkler system. We also offer any assistance required with the current sprinkler system if that’s poorly designed.