Landscaping Around a Hot Tub

Hot tubs provide warm, soothing relaxation at the end of a long day or a place to socialize and enjoy the company of friends. The success of many outdoor hot tubs depends upon a degree of privacy to enable tub-goers to relax in comfort. When you want to landscape the area around your hot tub, keep a few key points in mind in order to establish the desired mood while protecting your hot tub’s mechanical features.

Things You'll Need:
 1. Plants
 2. Shrubs
 3. Garden structures
 4. Landscape lighting


Design for the mood you want to create. You had a reason for wanting a hot tub and part of capturing that feeling is the way you incorporate landscape elements into the overall design. You can use plants, rocks or structures to achieve the mood. Consider adding wireless speakers, camouflaged as rocks or tree trunks, to get the entire family in a festive mood (see Resources below).

Consider the amount of time you will have to maintain the landscape. If you want a low-maintenance design, include structures that do not require painting and choose plants that are easy to grow and need little tending. Opt for treated wood benches and use a chemical wood stain and sealer instead of paint. Add shrubs that need no pruning, such as cotoneaster or old-fashioned lilac. Dwarf ornamental trees, such as weeping cherry, will add interest with a minimum of upkeep.

Grade your soil away from the hot tub. In order to maintain easy access to the mechanical parts of the hot tub, water should drain away on all sides. In addition, resist planting too close to the access panel. Before you plant grass, bring in topsoil from another part of your yard or pay to have some hauled in, and use a rake to smooth it down and away from the base of the hot tub.

Place your largest landscape elements first to attract the viewer’s eye and then arrange smaller complementary design elements. Visualize your entire yard as an artist’s canvas, keeping elements balanced and placed in a pleasing manner. A common mistake is to surround the hot tub with a lot of plantings that quickly grow to overwhelm the area, leaving the rest of the yard bare in comparison. Use your space wisely.

Choose plants with care. Around a hot tub, plants and shrubs that repel insects are a welcome addition. Citronella grass provides a splash of green around the tub and keeps mosquitoes and other flying insects at bay. On the other hand, some evergreen shrubs attract spiders.

Block your neighbors’ views of your hot tub with tall garden structures, such as arbors or trellises that provide not only a modesty screen but also allow plants to vine upwards, softening the structure and adding a splash of color. Choose a fast-growing vine suitable to your hardiness zone (see Resources below).

Prolong your evening hot tub entertaining by incorporating landscape lighting into your environment. Choose from solar-powered or low-voltage lights that illuminate pathways and steps to the hot tub. Consider one or two accent lights to shine upwards on a specimen tree or statue (see Resources below).

Tips & Warnings

Avoid installing electrical components in the immediate vicinity of the hot tub and areas that will become wet unless these components are specifically designed for use around water.

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