How Does a Landscaper Spend a Workday?

Running a landscaping business can be very diversified. If you get bored doing the same thing daily, you need not worry about that in this business. The landscaper may be expected to do many parts of the business, depending on how large the company is. Small landscaping businesses that are ran mostly by the owner allow for that person to do many different jobs in a day’s time.

Time Management

Mornings may be spent working in the office of the landscape business. Records have to be kept, appointments made and phone calls answered. Even if the landscaper has an office person, he may still have to spend a certain amount of time on paperwork or phone calls.

How to Use Rocks in Landscaping

Time may be spent drawing up design proposals for potential or existing clients. Clients that wish to have elaborate amounts of landscaping done generally work with the landscaper to design their areas. The landscaper will draw up a blueprint type design, using the client’s ideas and some of her own. The landscaper then meets with these clients to have the project approved before any actual work is done.

If the landscaper has several projects going on at once, he may spend time driving to each work site to check on his employees to ensure that the work is being done according to the design plan. Some smaller landscapers will be doing the actual work themselves, assisted by employees.

Depending on how diversified the business is, the landscaper may also have her own nursery or greenhouse where she grows or stocks her own plants, trees and shrubbery. In this case she must also find time to tend to these plants.

How to Use Rocks in Landscaping

Other Areas of Expertise

Owning a landscape business does not necessarily mean that the person simply mows lawns and trims shrubbery. Many large elaborate homes have landscape designs that are comparable to works of art. The landscaper must be well versed in design details, architectural style and color coordination.

The landscaper must be aware of time period type plants and shrubbery. For instance, if the landscaper is designing a yard for an older Victorian home, he would choose fountains, flowers and pavers that would have more of an “old world” charm to them versus sleek modern type of landscaping items.

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The landscaper may even do the shopping for any fountains, pavers or statues that she plans to use. This would be included in the budget proposal that the landscaper and the client agreed upon. The landscaper may also end up doing emergency repairs, if anything is accidentally broken or damaged while she does her work.

Owning a landscaping business means you will be adaptable to several type work conditions. Your day will fluctuate between meeting with clients, driving, shopping and actually using a shovel. Many choose this type of a career simply because it is so diversified.

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