Conserve Water With Desert Landscaping

If you live in the desert, semi-arid climate, or in a state that doesn’t get much precipitation, you might want to say goodbye to the grass and look to desert landscaping. Keeping a lawn green uses huge amounts of water, and while it might look lush, it is a waste of precious resources. A much better, and much cheaper, alternative is to use native plants in your front yard and take out the grass.

When you switch over to a native landscape, you solve many of your gardening problems. You don’t have to struggle with trying to grow things that don’t belong in the environment where you live. You also won’t be wasting huge amounts of water which is going to save you money on your water bill. Native plants are easy to grow and once they are established, they require little maintenance. You won’t have to water them all the time and you can still enjoy a beautiful garden.

Desert landscaping is more than just throwing some cacti and rocks in the yard. While you might want to incorporate some different types of cactus and rocks, you will quickly find that there are a huge amount of flowers and shrubs to choose from. Whether you want to attract bees to your garden with salvia or breathe in the fragrant aroma of lilacs, with a little planning you can design a yard that is going to be beautiful and low maintenance.

If your yard if full of grass, you can begin to slowly incorporate native plants into your yard. Choose a small area of your lawn to start with and dig it up. You will then want to determine your climate and start looking for plants that grow well in your climate. After you get the plants in the ground, make sure to mulch around them which will help keep down weeds and help to retain moisture.

You will have a huge selection of flowers and shrubs to choose from and they come in every color of the rainbow. Russian sage is a gorgeous color of blue and looks fantastic with yellow zinnias. Lavender and coneflowers make a great pairing and you can even throw in some native grasses for some height in your yard.

As you become more comfortable with native landscaping, you can remove more of your grass and replace it with native plants. When you have had grass for years, the idea of replacing it with drought-tolerant plants may seem like a bad idea, but if you do it right, you will have a flourishing yard that looks amazing and conserves water.

With water becoming more and more scarce, it just doesn’t make sense to have a lawn when you live in a climate that doesn’t have much precipitation. Doing your landscaping designed especially for the desert makes a lot of sense and it will look amazing when you do it the right way. Native plants are stronger and they need less upkeep which makes them a better landscaping choice.

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