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Landscaping and Lawncare will be a lot more fun with Handy Landscaping Services!

Landscaping Service in El Paso TX

The landscaping scenario here has not been that great lately and many clients out there are in search of the perfect landscapers in El Paso. Well, your long quest ends here as we are here to provide you the finest landscaping in El Paso.

We have a fine team of highly talented workers who are ready to meet all your requirements and give you the best service you are looking for. Our team members are from the El Paso community so, we know the unique problems and challenges faced in this area. We also take immediate action to fix all the problems and make your lawn your own safe haven.

All our clients are given equal priorities and we take utmost care and attention to even the slightest details. We make initial consultation and then move to the design as per the client’s preferences.

So, if you want to make your garden the queen of the landscaping El Paso TX, then look no further, Handy Landscaping Services is at your service. The service does not only mean business to us, it is also a mode of friendship between us and the client.

Services We Provide:

Lawn Mowing

Mowing is like an essential vitamin to maintain a healthy landscape. We offer mowing services all across El Paso TX to make your lawn the best in the block. Do give us a try if you want to keep your lawn looking lush and full across all seasons.


Let’s not brag but no one does the landscaping quite like the Handy Landscaping Services. We will provide you with premium-quality designs and installation services for all your landscaping needs. Our team will work with you to create a custom design plan and eventually turn that dream into reality. Sounds like a charm, right?

Lawn Care

Want to enjoy your weekend without spending a minute on lawn care? Well, we are just a call away. Lawn care is important to make your existing lawn a lot more beautiful and rejuvenating. Our team of professionals will ensure that your lawn is in great shape

Yard Cleaning

The fallen leaves bring a monotonous vibe to the yard and take away its beauty. You don’t want that, right? We offer regular cleaning of the yard to keep it nice and shiny throughout the year.

Sprinkler Repair

Don’t you just hate it when the sprinkler doesn’t flow evenly? Well, no worries, we have got you covered. We offer sprinkler repair for both residential sprinkler system and a commercial sprinkler system. From simple major problems with your sprinkler repair system, we will fix it all for you.

Why Hire a Professional Lawn Care Company?

Let's Make Your Lawn Beautiful And Green!

A well-maintained lawn is a prized possession for the property owner. However, it takes a lot of time, effort, and commitment to do it yourself. There are tons of benefits of hiring a professional lawn care company.

  • You need to provide a lot of physical effort and time to maintain a healthy shiny lawn. The professionals will do the mowing, fertilizing, weeding, and other services required to keep it in healthy shape.
  • You can save up money by hiring a lawn care company. Well, lawnmowers and other equipment required for the maintenance procedure are very expensive. There is also an additional cost for fertilizer, weed treatments, etc. When you hire professionals, you can get all the services done for a tiny fraction of the price.
  • A wrongly done treatment can severely deteriorate the condition of your lawn. You can end up underwatering, overwatering, and tons of other mishaps can happen. The professionals have years of experience and they know just the right treatment needed for your lawn.
  • The lawn will be in a better and healthier shape when you hire the professionals. With regularly scheduled lawn care services, your lawn will surely be the finest in the town across all seasons.

Why Choose Us

Fastest Work
High Skill
Clean Work
Proper Take Care

At Handy Landscaping Services, we create a vision and make our client’s landscaping dreams to reality. We specialize in multiple different services like lawn care, landscaping, yard cleaning, sprinkle repair, etc. We have been in the industry for over 20 years and we have a highly efficient team to take care of all your landscaping and lawn servicing needs.

Our customers are the most prized possession and their satisfaction means the world to us. We put thought and care into our customers’ needs and give our best effort to deliver 110% result. We vouch to do everything in our reach to ensure the ultimate customer service at a very competitive price.

Feel free to call us any time and we are happy to share our guide to help you maintain a beautiful landscape. We have a bunch of trained technicians with years of experience who specialize in the landscaping and lawn service industry.

Our Process

We understand how hard it is to take out time from your busy schedule. To save you hassle and time, we have a simple strategy for our processes following three easy steps.

Free Consultation

We believe in taking a personalized approach towards our clients so that they can express their individuality. In this initial step, we will provide you a cost estimation quotation with all the details of the materials and processes.

Choose the Design or Service

In this step, we help our clients walk through a visual representation of the design they are looking for. We generate conceptual sketches to full CAD design as per the client’s requirements. The prices for the design or service vary depending on the property size or the depth of work.

Installation Process

The final step to fill out the paperwork so that we can carry forward with the installation process. We have a highly trained team of professionals at Handy Landscaping Services who will turn your landscape dreams into reality.

Let's Beautify Your Garden Together!

Questions & Answers

Yes, absolutely. No matter how large or small the property is, we have got you covered. We provide services for both residential and commercial properties of all sizes.

Yes. We are licensed and commercially insured to provide you the best lawn and landscaping care in El Paso.

No, we don’t charge a dime for the estimation. We will provide you the estimation absolutely free of cost.

We encourage our customers to bring out their own style and uniqueness in their property. We have a highly trained and experienced workforce who will guide you through the process and help you make your dream into reality.

Let's Bring Nature Into Your Lovely Lawn

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